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June 7, 2012
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You had been with Scotland for three months now, and you'd been sick with a sore throat and a cough for one month of it. "Will you ever quit smoking?" You asked him, voice hoarse.

Scotland shrugged. "Depends, lassy. How badly do ye want me to stop?" He asked you, putting his arm around you and taking the cigar out of his mouth for a minute.

"Pretty badly." You said. You didn't mind the fact that he smoked, it was the fact that you got the worst of it, especially when he got too close. "What can I do to make you stop?" You asked him, crossing your arms and looking up into his green eyes with your (Eye Color) ones.

"(Name), lassy, ye gotta figure it out on yer own." Scotland replied and lightly kissed your forehead. "Now I've got a meetin' to attend to, so bye." He said with a final kiss on your cheek and leaving your house.

You sighed and plopped down on the couch, picking up the left box of cigars. "I know how I'm going to get him to stop!" You said with a smirk and took one cigar out, then threw the box away and covered it with more trash. "Away I go~!" You trilled to yourself and left with the cigar in your pocket. You ran all the way to a very familiar large house and knocked on the door, a short, happy tune.

Finland came to the door and smiled at her. "(Name)! What a surprise! Are you looking for Norway? I'll go get him." He said and went off to find your Norwegian friend.

You smiled and put your hands in your pockets, playing with the cigar in the left one. While you waited you hummed a little Celtic tune you picked up from Scotland when he was singing when he thought you weren't there. Little did he know that you listened every time he started the beautiful song.

Norway came to the door and smiled a little at the sight of you. "Hallo, (Name). What do you need?" He asked curiously and leaned on the door.

"I need help with a special effect to make Scotland stop smoking." You said with a smirk. "Can you help me?" Norway nodded and you smiled brighter. "Great! Come with me then! We're going to Scotland's meeting!"

*Paul the Time-Skip Beatle is here to escort you through the Time-Skip*

Scotland sighed and sat down at England's dinner table. He puffed out a bit of smoke and closed his eyes. "What's takin' ye so long, brother?" He asked impatiently. "I have a girlfriend waitin' on me ye know." He added.

"Just wait a tick!" England snapped back. "I'm almost done!" He said and came into the dining room. "Ireland got sick again so he couldn't make it, and Wales just didn't want to come." He sat down with a heavy sigh. "And would you please stop smoking?!"

Scotland shook his head and puffed out another bit of smoke. "Well, what did ye want to talk about?" He asked and heard the door click open. "Is that Wales?" He asked.

"No, it's me. You forgot something at my house." You said as you entered the dining room, the cigar in your mouth. Norway stayed in the living room, casting a spell to make the cigar look lit when it wasn't. "I can see why you don't want to quit." You said and puffed out some fake smoke.

Scotland felt his eyes open wider and he put out his cigar and stood up. "Fine I'll quit! Just take that outta yer mouth, lassie!" He said.

You laughed and took the cigar out of your mouth, then threw it away. "Thanks again, Norway. You're a great help." You said and Norway nodded, then left. You turned back to Scotland and gave him a kiss. "I finally cured you of your smoking problem!"

"Yes ye did, lassie, yes ye did."
Well, I think this is pretty good, but I'd like some feedback, what did YOU think of this story? Let me know!

I don't own you or Scotland, Himaruya does!

EDIT: Whoa! 48 favorites already?! Man, I love you guys so much!
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